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Inventor Ron Long holding the original boxed prototype

Inventor Ron Long holding the original boxed prototype

Necessity is the Mother of Invention*

In the case of Panic Stop Alert, the idea evolved from an auto accident. If only…the driver behind had had some sort of warning of the situation ahead.

Newer cars are getting more and more safety features with all of their bells and whistles and their near-ability to drive themselves. Older vehicles need an advantage too. Panic Stop Alert™ and Watch My Back™ are two such devices that can be retrofitted into older model cars right under the dash. (Professional installation required).

Panic Stop Alert™ activates vehicle emergency flashers if a ‘panic stop’ is initiated. This alerts those drivers behind you that something is happening ahead…pay attention. It has been proven that when the flashers are engaged, other drivers tend to back off and give your vehicle space.

Watch My Back™ activates vehicle emergency flashers when you put your vehicle into reverse. While it doesn’t allow you the right of way, it does alert drivers around you that you are backing up. The emergency flashers turn off after moving forward.

Now older vehicles have another tool in their defensive driving arsenal.

United States: US7,698,040B2
Canada: 2,561,437

*Necessity is the mother of invention is an English proverb meaning that difficult or impossible scenarios prompt inventions aimed at reducing the difficulty.(from Wikipedia)