Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ‘Panic Stop Alert’ need to be professionally installed? If so, why?
    Installing either unit is more detailed and exactly, for instance, installing and wiring an LED bulb into the dashboard. There is a strong chance of error or damage if the unit is not installed correctly. Due to the nature of this product, the limited warranty is based on the unit being professionally installed.
  • I feel that I’m capable of installing this type of unit myself. Is there a problem with that?
    There are installation instructions with the unit. HOWEVER just remember the Warranty is VOIDED and PSA is not responsible for any damages when you installed the unit yourself.
  • What happens if it is professionally installed and the unit malfunctions? What recourse do I have?
    When you take your vehicle for a professional installation, take and show the PSA unit with you and have the person in charge look at the unit and read the instructions. Then ask him if he can install and then test the vehicle, making sure the unit is properly installed. If after it has been installed and tested it malfunctions, please contact Panic Stop Alert directly for instructions on replacing the unit.
  • What if I change my mind once I purchase the unit? Can I get a refund? Is the shipping and handling fee refundable?
    You may return the PSA unit for a refund if all the parts are there as well as the packaging and nothing is damaged. PSA will refund your shipping fee, there are no handling fees. You however, will pay the shipping fee for returning the unit.
  • If I want to use my hazard lights independently from the ‘panic situation’ is there any problem with that? Can I just ‘flip’ the switch like normal?
    Your Emergency Flashers will work whenever you press the On Off switch as you normally would.
  • If I sell my car that has this unit installed, can I have it removed and put into another car? If so, how does that affect the warranty?
    Should you sell your vehicle, “Panic Stop Alert”with “Watch My Back”offers the new buyer a GREAT SAFETY FEATURE. Demonstrate how it works, It might help consummate the sale. Add the cost of the PSA unit plus installation to your asking price. Now you are not paying to have the unit removed, Instead you’re buying a NEW PSA unit to put in your new vehicle with a new warranty. The warranty is non-transferrable.