Panic Stop Alert™

For older vehicles, Panic Stop Alert™ is a compelling tool in defensive driving. Activates Vehicle Emergency Flashers if a “panic stop” is made, automatically turning off after 10 seconds

Panic Stop Alert™ • About Panic Stop Alert 007-2

Panic Stop Alert™ automatically sets off the emergency flashers under a panic-type situation

Panic Stop Alert™ automatically sets off the emergency flashers under a panic-type situation

Functional Description: The main purpose of the PSA 007-2 device is to signal the drivers in the vehicles behind you when you are in a panic stop situation. This is accomplished by flashing the emergency lights of the vehicle that the PSA 007-2 device is installed in. When the PSA device flashes the emergency lights, the drivers of the vehicles behind you are visually alerted that your situation in not normal and to be on alert. Thus helping the drivers of the vehicles behind you to quickly realize a potential dangerous situation is happening, possible allowing them to take actions to avoid crashing their vehicle into yours.

To do this PSA uses an accelerometer circuit that is connected to a microprocessor, when you vehicle speed is 25 miles per hour or faster and the microprocessor software determines that your vehicle is experiencing a sudden deceleration it trips a relay that is wired into your emergency lights. Once tripped the relay will remain tripped for a minimum of 10 seconds.

The PSA device has a secondary function that also activates the vehicle’s emergency flasher. This is called Watch My Back™. The secondary function is intended to make parking lot maneuvers safer by warning other drivers that you are backing up. This function is evoked after a 3-second delay whenever the vehicle is put into reverse. This function does not use the accelerometer and independent of the vehicle’s speed. Although Watch My Back™ activates your lights when you’re in reverse, this does not change who has the right-of-way.

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Professional installation is required for this product.