Watch My Back™

Watch My Back™ Backup alertWatch My Back™ – Backup Alert

Watch My Back™ is intended to make parking lots safer by visually warning other drivers that you are backing up.

This is accomplished by flashing the emergency lights of the vehicle that the Watch My Back RL device is installed in. The intent here is that the drivers will take notice of your vehicle because of the amber flashing emergency lights.

Note: Watch My Back™ is independent of the vehicle’s speed. The function of the flashing the emergency lights is evoked after a 3-second delay whenever the vehicle is put into reverse. Although Watch My Back™ activates your lights when you’re in reverse, this does not change who has the right-of-way.

The PSA device has 2 bi-color status LED’s, one located on it’s circuit board that is visible through the translucent amber plastic case and on remote LED that is intended to be installed in your dash. Both LED’s function identically. Like most dashboard lights these bi-color LED’s will momentarily light when you start your car so that you can see that they’re working properly then stay off until the device is doing something. When your car starts the PSA device powers on the the LED’s color is red (non-flashing), after the device is initialized, it changes the LED’s color to green for 5-seconds then shuts the LED off.

Under normal operating conditions, you should never see a Red flashing LED but under normal operating conditions you will see a flashing green LED whenever the PSA device is flashing the vehicle’s lights. The red (non-flashing) color is normally only seen when the device powers on to let you know the red LED is working. If the read color flashes, it means there is an error.

More details are available in the product brochure and under SHOP.

Professional installation is required for this product.